MyExit Strategy™


Baby boomers typically identify their value based on what they do for a living and what they own. They are struggling to leave the workplace because they see it as “lost personal value”. Employers won’t talk about exiting because it is a sensitive issue. So, baby boomers are left to navigate their potential departure with a lot of head trash and all alone.

MyExit Strategy™

My Exit Strategy™ is a program designed to help you and your baby boomers exit the workplace successfully. It has three elements:

• MyExit Plan™
• MyExit Agreement
• Knowledge Protection System™

MyExit Plan™ creates clarity and dialogue through three tools. It directs the retiring employee toward where they are heading vs what they are leaving. It gives them energy and excitement to move to the next phase of life.

MyExit Agreement is the conversation tool to help the employee and employer have the critical conversations that need to be had to help the retiring person have success in their last years on the job and into retirement.

Finally, the Knowledge Protection System™ is a tool to extract knowledge that will be lost when they leave. However, it is primarily a psychological tool used to help the exiting employee be “ok” with leaving because they have left their legacy and knowledge. Now it is ok to leave.


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