The Noise Reduction System™


As a business owner do you experience any of the following?

• Feel anxiety and doubt about the business
• Have low trust that things will be accomplished
• Feel the need to do everything yourself
• Be the only person who brings value to outside relationships
• Feel as if you are the only one in the business losing sleep
• Be so busy doing everything but not have time to do what you do best
• Follow up on things multiple times until the items are completed
• Receive a lot of feedback that your new ideas are driving others crazy

The Noise Reduction System™

If can relate to any of the issues above, the Noise Reduction System™ is a program that you might want to consider. View the recorded webinar to learn more about this powerful program!

The Noise Reduction System™ was created by Larry Linne from the award-winning book, “Make the Noise Go Away – The Power of An Effective Second in Command”.

Business “First in Commands” are finding the noise to be overwhelming in their lives and their businesses causing them to spend less than 20% of their time doing what brings the greatest value to the organization.

The book and now the Noise Reduction System™ are helping First in Commands reduce / eliminate the noise through a full developmental program for a Second in Command to help them reach 80% of their time doing what they do best.

Many have found this program to be life-changing.


Please contact us if you are interested in attending a regional course, purchasing the DIY materials & video, or even facilitating your own class. We always respond promptly!


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